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  • Maker Monday Crochet Link Party #1

    Welcome to the first ever Maker Monday Link Party, specifically for free crochet patterns!! I’m so excited to start this venture that will be posted every Monday for my fellow crocheters to share their latest patterns. Every other Monday, the link party will open and you can post through the following Sunday. The next party […]

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  • Crochet Cactus Pincushion Pattern

    Crochet Cactus Pincushion Pattern

    Ya’ll, let me tell you, I’m obsessed with cacti. A friend even gifted me a cute little set of salt & pepper shakers that look like mini cacti! So naturally, I adore making these little guys. I originally made them thinking they could be pincushions, but found that I love them just as much sitting […]

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  • Balancing Your Day Job and Crochet Business

    Balancing Your Day Job and Crochet Business

    Show of hands, how many of you are sitting at your day job wishing you could do your crochet biz full-time? That’s me, right this minute, as I write this blog post. Before you start thinking “I can’t waste time at work like that” or one of my coworkers stumbles upon this and thinks “Oh […]

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  • Market Must-Have’s

    I’ve done my share of craft shows and markets, some successful, others not so much. I’ll save the tips for selecting appropriate markets for another post, because a great show or a not-so-great show still needs to have the best items to keep everything running as smooth as possible (and to keep you. Note: This […]

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