As I picked up one of my WIPs only to realize I couldn’t remember what row I was on, what hook I was using and even what pattern I was following, I complained to my husband and he said “I’ve been telling you, you need to write this down.” I said “I know….” and proceeded to compare photos in patterns to my work asking him “do you think this is it??!” To which he again said “WRITE IT DOWN!” How many of you have been here?

So after this whole ordeal, I wrote down the info and finished my piece. But then I got out my laptop and started playing with a WIP tracker worksheet. Before I knew it, I was creating other pages, soliciting advice from other crocheters and building a full-on crochet planner. Over 27 pages of planner goodness tailed to crocheting, say what!?!?!

Introducing the K Marie Crafts Crochet Planner! Available now in my shop for download. You can print as many pages as you’d like, and refill your planner as you use pages.

Crochet Planner
Crochet Planner

I have so many favorite pages in this thing, that I could probably write the worlds longest blog post by going through each one… but I’ll spare you that and just highlight some of my favs!

First up, the Projects/WIPs pages. I did two of these–one simple one to list out the WIPs and then another, more detailed page. This is what I started with to solve my WIP problem I mentioned earlier. The pages allow you to list out your projects quickly and jot down the yarn you’re using, the last row you worked and the hook size.

If you want a few more details, you can use the projects page to track as well!

A small section of the planner is devoted to your crochet business. I realize not everyone has a business, but some may just crochet as a hobby. So I created a mini planner without all the business stuff just for you! This just contains the stuff to track your current WIPs, yarn stash, favorite patterns, etc.

But for those of you with a crochet biz, there are some templates for you! A custom order form, market tracker and inventory sheet all help you keep your business organized!

For some, pattern writing is a part of their business, and I wanted to have a place to keep notes on patterns that are in the works, the folks testing my patterns, and just a general brain dump page.

There are so many pages to this thing that I haven’t covered, including yarn stash tracking, hook inventory, and favorite patterns lists. I simply can’t list them all! Be sure to head over to my Etsy shop and grab your digital download! I’d love to see your planners in use–tag me on Instagram in your planner photos #kmariecrafts or @k.mariecrafts

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