I’ve done my share of craft shows and markets, some successful, others not so much. I’ll save the tips for selecting appropriate markets for another post, because a great show or a not-so-great show still needs to have the best items to keep everything running as smooth as possible (and to keep you.

Note: This post may include affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission from purchases made, at no extra cost to you. The links I provide are for items that I actually own and recommend, I’d never recommend something I haven’t personally used!

Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Hand Truck

This handy (pun intended, ha!) cart is a life saver at events where you can’t park closely to unload! If you’re like me and try to do everything in one trip (you know, carrying ALL the groceries in and cutting the circulation off from your hands and arms JUST so you don’t have to make another trip), then you’ll love this cart. It folds completely flat for easy transporting and storage. It also can be used as an up-right hand truck. It’s also well-built, so I can move my things with confidence.

Handheld/Tabletop USB Fan

I’ve done a lot of markets that are outdoors and sometimes it gets pretty warm. This little fan is amazing! It charges by USB, has a tripod stand so you can sit it down and get hands-free cooling AND it can hold your iPhone, making it the perfect addition to my market set-up. It has three settings and they all put off some pretty decent air. The longest I had mine going was 4 hours straight on high.

Vendor Apron

A while back, I purchased this vendor apron from Etsy seller Lizkoester and it’s been so helpful. I always stash a pen, my iPhone, Square reader and a few business cards in here to easily hand to customers. It’s well made and I love supporting other makers. Check out her shop for more apron designs.

Photo by Lizkoester

Teamoy Knitting Bag

I always bring some WIPs with me when I do a market, for a couple reasons. If things are slow, I can do something useful with my time. Also, people really like to see makers doing their craft. I’ve had people stop and stare at me as I’m crocheting–quickly apologizing when I catch them, and saying how mesmerizing it is. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation and make a little progress.

This bag is great for carrying warn, my WIP, hooks and any other items I might need. It’s also my go-to travel bag for long car rides.

So these are my favorite items, but what are some of yours? I’d love to hear what you can’t live without at markets!

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