It’s no secret that my dream is to make my side hustle my full-time gig, and each year I like to reflect on the improvements I’ve made in my business and plan ahead for the coming year. I’m excited to share with you my free printable goal worksheet to help you plan ahead for 2020!

Before you get started, make sure your goals are SMART! Here’s what I mean…

Specific: Make sure your goals are detailed and specific. Instead of “Grow my blog” try “Grow my blog to 10,000 monthly views.” Being vague may be an easy way to check off a goal, but did you really grow your blog if you went from 100 to 105 monthly views? Technically, yes, but is that what you really wanted? Being specific gives you a true sense of where you need to get and lends itself to the next essential quality of a goal.

Measurable: You should be able to measure your goal. Growing your blog audience is totally measurable! You can track page views, comments, time spent on your blog, etc.

Attainable: To me, this goes hand-in hand with the next item (realistic), but don’t set yourself up to fail from the get-go! Setting a goal of “Post 10 blog posts a week” seems attainable–but if you are a working mom of 7 might not be attainable for you.

Realistic: Again, don’t set yourself up to fail. Did you just start your etsy shop? You don’t want your goal to be “Make 10,000 sales in my first month.” Unless you’re a celebrity and have a pretty hefty following already, this might not be the most realistic goal. Could it be a goal one day? Absolutely! But starting out, make sure your goals are both realistic and attainable.

Time-Bound: Give yourself a deadline! Make sure that deadline is realistic and attainable.

So when all is said and done, here are a few examples of some SMART goals:

"Write 5 new patterns to be sold digitally by the end of the year." 
"Grow my blog audience to 1,000 monthly page views by June."
"Crochet 50 hats before fall markets begin in September."

Once you’ve got your SMART goals, then you can work on identifying the action steps need to accomplish your goals. So say you want to write 5 new patterns to be sold digitally by the end of the year. Your action items might be:
1. Buy a notebook or pattern writing planning bundle to help organize my notes for pattern writing.
2. Identify 5 patterns I want to create
3. Photograph steps of the pattern
4. Find 5 testers

So are you ready to create your goals for 2020?? Grab your FREE copy of the 2020 Business Goal worksheet by clicking the button below.

2020 Business Goals

I can’t wait to hear what your goals are and see the progress you make! Share your goals on instagram using #kmariecrafts2020plan

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